What is Elearning

Elearning is a great way to provide a consistent learning experience for your colleagues in the workplace. 

Because it is flexible, it is ideal for forming part of a blended learning solution.  For example, it will help to add variety to  your induction and other business training.  Because every learner will get the same experience it is ideal for regulatory training solutions such as health and safety and compliance.

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Over 25 years, as a digital training designer, I have designed many elearning solutions including:

  • Customer Service skills
  • Telephony Skills
  • Sales success
  • Sales Management
  • Working from Home
  • Time Management
  • Management Development
  • System Training
  • Information Security
  • Regulatory Initiatives
  • Health and Safety
  • Compliance

As well as providing bespoke solutions I have many off the shelf solutions that can be adapted to suit your business at a lower cost. Contact me to learn more.

Elearning Solution Content

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All solutions can include:
    • Interactive Content
    • Videos
    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Gamefication
    • Simulations
    • System Screen training
    • Scenarios

I can provide you with a wide variety of learning methods within each solution which can be built  to suit your needs and requirements. Therefore your learners will enjoy the variety within the learning material, the ease of the learning and how engaging it is. Additionally, you can put your own stamp on it with your brand, company video messages and insight from the best practitioners in your business.

Bespoke and Blended Elearning Solutions

The elearning can be built to supplement your face to face training or webinars. When it is used in this way, it provides a blended learning platform where the elearning forms part of the journey for your learners. Secondly, including other interactive elements into the training will surprise and delight your learners.  


My solutions are bespoke and deliver cost efficient, engaging learning. So, whether you are looking for stand alone regulatory training or a blended learning solution, together, we can help you build your company’s future.

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Responsive on All Devices

e-learning on a tablet

The  elearning solutions are interactive and responsive on all devices. As a result  your staff can access the learning anywhere and at any time. 

The interactivity enables the learner to immerse themselves in the training. As a result they will learn more and retain the information better. 


The cost of elearning will very much depend on the platform you wish to use, the amount of content and the type of interactivity you require. Once I understand your requirements I will provide you with a quote based on the number of days work I anticipate it will take to build the solution. Should the project take longer than anticipated you will not be charged any extra. However, if it takes less time, then the cost will be reduced accordingly for you.

Please contact me any time to discuss your project.

Built in Articulate

Articulate is an industry leading software packages for building elearning. It's two platforms - Articulate 360 and Rise 360 provides beautiful content and amazing interactivity.

Responsive website
Responsive on Any Device

Your elearning will be fully responsive and look beautiful om whatever type of device is used to view it. This means your staff can access the learning almost anywhere and at any time.

Web design support
Supporting You

Once your elearning goes live I will provide support for one month to ensure it continues to run smoothly. A service package is also available, if required, to carry out updates.

e-learning Support
E-learning Training

Your elearning solutions can be hosted on an LMS (Learning Management System) or on a website. Advice and support about hosting will be provided.